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Welcome to Mayavarna!

Mayavarna is a world where reprobate priests battle inner and outer demons, warrior monks wield honor and martial arts, and ancient dragons manipulate the politics of great empires from far-off mountaintops.

In Mayavarna, the spirit world and the physical world are tied closely together. Not every tree and stone has its own living spirit—but many do, and many of those become embroiled in the wars and politics of the physical world. Some of these spirits are worshipped by mortals and become local deities, while some are maligned and become demons. Others still take mortal form to seek fortune, love, and power.

Three hundred years ago, in an event known as the Cataclysm, the elves of Tien Xiao vanished in the blink of an eye, leaving the warrior race known as the zhanshi to take the reins of their empire. At the same moment, the enemy empire of Yuan Xiao was also decimated by disappearances, fragmenting into a group of minor successor states.

Now, new empires are being built in the ruins of the old. The spirit world is restless, and roving bands of demons prey on the unwary. Loremasters and warlords alike seek to discover the secrets of the Cataclysm and turn them to their own ends.

Step into Mayavarna… and bring a weapon with you.

Main Page

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